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Offset your carbon footprint, improve biodiversity, leave a positive legacy and enjoy a privileged natural environment.

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At Impredecible Basoa we are working on the collaborative planting of a forest in a protected area of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

What does collaborative planting mean?

It means that we plant a perpetual forest for the planet among many people. A collaborative plantation in the style of the tradition of Bizkaia, where the farmhouses took turns caring for the forest on a rotating basis to perpetuate what was then the source of energy for the families. We take up this collaborative spirit to fight against the climate emergency, reduce the carbon footprint, improve biodiversity and leave a positive legacy.

Come and plant in this collaborative forest or we do it for you, whichever you prefer.

Want to reduce your environmental footprint?

You can plant without leaving your home, come and enjoy the experience or give a gift to someone else.
You can also get to know the native trees that are planted or start by finding out how much CO2 you emit.

Buy or give as a gift

Plant a tree and enjoy the experience
Enjoy the experience with family or friends in a privileged place, or give the tree planting as a gift to honour a birth, the memory of a loved one, a special celebration or whatever reason you prefer.
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Knowing the trees

Knowing the peculiarities of each species
Impredecible Basoa will be a typical Cantabrian mixed forest of autochthonous trees which, in addition to compensating C02, seeks the greatest possible biodiversity in each environment, imitating Nature.
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CO2 Calculator

Calculate how much CO2 you emit
Do you know how much CO2 you emit? Tell us a few variables of your daily life, find out how much CO2 you emit and offset it by planting trees. Turning your carbon footprint into a life footprint is worth it!
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Why plant a tree with Impredecible Basoa?

Protecting biodiversity

Just as important as planting trees is doing it the right way. We trust nature, which is why we imitate it and only plant native species.


Our forests are a fundamental part of our history and mythology. Let’s plant a forest together in the privileged environment of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve to take root in our history and be part of it forever.

CO2 Offsetting

Planting a tree gives us the opportunity to capture the CO2 emitted. In this way we reduce our carbon footprint and fight climate change. We turn carbon footprint into life footprint.


Planting a tree with Impredecible Basoa is as easy as you want it to be. You buy it and we plant it, or you come, we provide you with the material, we accompany you to plant it and you enjoy the experience. Which option is yours?


Are you interested in offsetting your company's carbon footprint?

We offer personalized advice to calculate your carbon footprint, reduce it and finally compensate for the emissions that have not been reduced.

We organize customized workshops and activities so that the experience becomes an enjoyable opportunity for the team.

You will promote and improve the collaborative work of your team.

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