An indigenous and collaborative forest

Plant a tree and get to know the forest that we are building together in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

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Trees to be planted
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Tree planting cycle

Do you know what happens from the moment you click in your house when you fertilize the plantation until it grows in the forest?


It all starts with you. With your interest in us planting or planting with us by selecting one of the plans we offer.


Once the orders have been received and grouped, the different species of trees to be planted are selected.


Plantations must respect the natural cycles of the species and in our case, in Muniketagana (Muxika, Bizkaia), this cycle runs from October to March approximately, depending on the weather.


The seedlings of the autochthonous species are planted with the necessary measures for their survival.


Each Unpredictable Basoa tree will be linked to the person who planted it. They will have access to their profile through their user data where they will be able to see their participation in the collaborative forest.


During the first 2 years we ensure that if the planted tree dies of natural causes, it will be replaced by another of the same species.


You will be able to access from your user profile on our platform to the updates that we make of Impredecible Basoa.


People who are part of this forest

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