Buy or give a tree

Each indigenous tree brings environmental benefits, but it is also an emotional bond with the person who receives the gift.


What is it like to plant a tree, why with Impredictable Basoa?

You can plant native trees without leaving your home, come and enjoy the experience or give it as a gift to someone else. You can also start by finding out how much CO2 you emit or get to know our trees.

Plant autochthonous trees

We plant them for you or you plant them yourself.

their history

The trees planted thanks to you will have their own page on the website, a profile where you will be able to share your emotions and consult specific information.

your CO2

We exclusively guarantee you all the CO2 that will be absorbed by the tree planted thanks to you for 40 years.

your actions

You can share on your profile anything you like about the trees planted thanks to you or related topics.