From your home, transform the landscape, compensate your life, remembering…

It was Bernat de Etxepare who, in his first book written in Basque in 1545, used the term zuhamuto designate a tree. Curiously, nowadays zuhamuis a term that has almost disappeared, like many of our native trees.

With a simple click, we plant the number of autochthonous trees that you ask for, remembering Bernat de Etxepare… or whoever you want to remember.

Our minimum: one autochthonous tree, the maximum is up to you


When we receive the payment for the planting of the tree(s), we send online to the address you provide us with a certificate of CO2 emission allowance of the plantation in the name of whoever you wish. The use of compensation is unique and personalized, which is why this certificate is issued.

Species planted:

White Birch, Holly, Buckthorn, Alder, Maple, Acer campestre, Hazel, European Wild Bonnet, Tree Heather, Chestnut, Cherry, Dogwood, Bloodwood, Holm Oak, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Ash, Beech, Broadleaf Privet, Barberry, Laurel , Strawberry Tree, Wild Apple, Mostajo, Elm, Wild Pear, Oak, Melojo Oak, Willow, Hunters Serbal, Yew and Linden.

Method of planting::

We plant the sapling and place a 120 cm high protector for 2 years due to the proliferation in the area of roe deer (Caperolus capreolus) until the specimen is strong enough. Impredecible basoa trusts in the strength of Nature, but if in these first two years the specimen does not take root, we will replace it with another tree. (Natural catastrophes, diseases or fires are logically excluded from our commitments). The land belongs to the Lurgaia Fundazioa Foundation, so we have ensured that our forest is perennial.


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Yes, yes… you can visit the tree planted thanks to you.
No… you can’t cut it down, prune it, damage it…

Impredecible basoa is in a place called Muniketagana and is located, in its entirety, within the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.